3 weeks ago, I started a cleanse.  It wasn’t a diet.  It wasn’t a weight loss program.  What it was: a detoxifying of my insides and a re-adjustment of my fruit and vegetable eating habits.  I’m finished.

I became interested when the guys at the gym were talking about the “cleanse” and how great they felt.  Here’s the program…You drink 2 protein shakes (fruit smoothie) a day and you get to eat all the fruits and vegetables you want in addition to drinking lots of water.  That’s basically it.  It is very mild on your system.  I used the SP Cleanse products for supplements.

I did not track my weight loss, but my pants are now loose.  I haven’t had heartburn for 3 weeks.  I look forward to a plate of vegetables.  I have not needed an occasional nap.  I feel healthy and that feels good.