xmas-2007.JPGThis week was SKI week for my kids’ school.  Instead it was SICK week at the Marcus house.  I spent a considerable amount of time pretending to be Florence Nightengale to my wife and three kids (pictured, left, in a delightful, not-sick, state).  We hit the mattresses pretty hard.  Each member of the family required a special diet and a special way of consuming it ( I need the orange straw!)  I rotated the patients through the stations…computer, TV 1, Playstation, TV 2 and kept a bowl nearby, in case of emergencies.  I charged Ipods, liberated remote controls, adjusted air flow, and administered syrups, elixirs, pills, tablets, and compresses.  Thankfully, nobody needed suppositories.

It got me thinking…what would have happened if we had planned to travel, like we have in years past?  Do airlines have a sick policy?  Leave a comment if you or your family have ever had to cancel an entire vacation on account of household sickness.  I can only imagine that it is doubly horrible.

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