16 02, 2008

4 Phone Calls

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Today, I could not access my site and some weird stuff was going on. I suspected the worst...that I had been hacked. I made 4 phone calls. Dane Sanders He is a smart guy, who is easy to contact, and is eager to help. Plus, he is a Pastor, and it never hurts to have [...]

20 11, 2007

Books I am reading

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Pontoon by Garrison Keillor - Not bad.  Funny at parts.  Clever.  He's one of my favorite writers and I'll read anything he writes.  This one isn't one of his best. Bluebird Rising by John DeCure - just finished it.  This author writes good novels about a surfing lawyer living in the OC. unchristian by David [...]

7 11, 2007

Questions to ask your parents

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Have you done your estate planning...Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney for financial matters, Power of Attorney for Health Care? Where do you keep your original documents? Do you have a list of all of your bank accounts, investment accounts and retirement accounts? Have you designated who gets "specific gifts" (the things us kids will fight [...]

7 11, 2007

When to review your estate plan

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The family tree changes (marriages, births, deaths, divorce) Children turn 18 Starting a new business Changing jobs Entering Retirement Facing a serious illness Buying Life Insurance Moving out of California Purchasing real property or time shares Wanting to make charitable gifts Changing your mind about distributions Your Trustees/Executors/Guardians move away

7 11, 2007

6 Special girls

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Abby Halen Kiera Larssen Malorie Taylor These 6 special girls make up The Bunnies. Twice a week, we get together to play soccer. Sometimes, I am the coach. Most of the time, the collective will of the girls is the coach. When we gather as a team, I enjoy being reminded that, often, the obvious [...]