When I was 10, a bird flew into the sliding glass door next our dining room, as my family and I were eating dinner. As we ran to see what had happened, we saw the poor thing sprawled out on the patio. My Mom suggested that we pray for it. We all closed an eye (guess where the other eyes were pointed?) and said a prayer. Within a few moments, the bird shook itself and flew away. What a lesson. I’ve been praying ever since.

Well, tonight my kids got to experience the same thing…

Only one of them saw the bird fly into our french door. But within seconds, all of them were peering through the glass at the wayward one. And I must admit, it looked pretty bad for the little guy. I almost hesitated in suggesting we pray. It was that bad.

But we did. And 45 minutes later, it got up. The kids saw it fly away. I must admit, it wasn’t the recovery of the bird that made me smile.

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Trent C. Marcus is a regular guy who like his family, Jesus, Guinness, soccer, and the law

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