During this holiday season, you will probably be surrounded by your family and relatives. And there is a better than average chance that you will all be present together for a meal, or two. During these times, why don’t you get the conversation ball rolling by throwing out information about your estate plan? While it may sound like an odd thing to discuss, it is never an odd time to discuss these important matters. Your family needs to know that you have an estate plan. They need to know where you keep your documents. You don’t necessarily need to disclose the contents of your estate plan, but it is important to let them know that you’ve taken the steps to make your passing a smooth transition for the family. Your loved ones will appreciate the information. It may even encourage them to visit an attorney to get their own estate planning done.

My family started a tradition in meeting once a year to discuss family issues and estate planning. We got the idea from the book, Family Wealth – Keeping it in the Family, by James E. Hughes, Jr.. Why don’t you start the tradition in your own family this holiday season?