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Trent C. Marcus is a regular guy who like his family, Jesus, Guinness, soccer, and the law
7 11, 2007

6 Special girls

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Abby Halen Kiera Larssen Malorie Taylor These 6 special girls make up The Bunnies. Twice a week, we get together to play soccer. Sometimes, I am the coach. Most of the time, the collective will of the girls is the coach. When we gather as a team, I enjoy being reminded that, often, the obvious [...]

7 11, 2007

Pay now or pay more later

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I had a lengthy conversation with a financial adviser today. He was telling me about a family that had put off seeking the advice of an attorney several years ago, at the time of the Dad's death, so as to save some money. Sadly, this family is now dealing with Mom's dementia and they wish [...]

7 11, 2007

Manchester United for lunch

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I had a great lunch today, alongside another coach, watching Man U destroy Dynamo Kiev 4-0. I recommend that everyone try calling a time out from work and doing something that normally does not belong in a workday.